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Weather has been a constant concern for the concrete pumping industry in the US in 2017.  Record rainfall in the Pacific Northwest, two hurricanes Harvey and Irma affecting construction activity in Texas, Florida and throughout the Southeast; contractors have been challenged to keep construction schedules and meet developer’s demands.  Labor shortages in most areas of the country have made it difficult to accelerate schedules when weather permits.  We continue to place significant emphasis on safety, operator and mechanic training, fleet management, fleet reliability, service offering and corporate structure.  Our commitment is to position our business to reach beyond the demands of our customers in a growing industry.

Safety is the highest priority in our business.  We have challenged all team members to include safety in every conversation.  Distracted driving continues to be the greatest area of risk that we face whether it’s while we are driving to and from work or in a concrete pump that may weigh as much as 100,000 pounds.  We challenge all of our TEAMMATES and their FAMILIES to strictly follow our Distracted Driving policy.  Our goal is for all to have a safe “Round Trip” when they leave their homes.

Our focus continues to be to provide the very best concrete pumping service to our customers and provide career growth to our TEAMMATES.  Thanks to our customers who have pushed us to constant improvement.  Thanks to our suppliers for meeting our demands.  Thanks to the entire Keim Concrete Pumping TEAM for your part in making this company what it has grown into today and Thank you to all our customers and patrons for your loyalty and trust in us!

We look forward to what the 2018 Construction season has in store for us !  See you Soon.......