Cold Weather Concrete

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The cold months are upon us,  Time to give ourselves a little more time and patience when it comes to the set up and clean up of the concrete pumps.  Everything just plain moves a litte slower, operators and finishers included ! Jobsite conditions tend to be a little trickier to navigate.   Don't hesitate to have us come out a little earlier than needed to be sure that we can get in and set up properly.  When the temperature really starts to drop keep in mind that our pumping units can't sit at idle and wait for a finish load to show up.  Down time needs to be kept at a minimum especially when it comes to the trailer pumps,  we can not re circulate the material like we can with the boom pumps.  It may be that if the down time is to long we would need to clean up our equipment and restart again.  Just a few things to keep in mind when preparing for the upcoming winter construction season.