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Our 3rd Annual Trap Shoot!

This spring, we at Keim Concrete Pumping Inc. will be hosting our 3rd Annual Trap Shoot!

It's important we get together as friends and family when we are able to and we are all looking forward to a fun-filled day with our team members!

What does your company do to promote a family atmosphere and foster team-building activities? 

A Message from the Manger

Weather has been a constant concern for the concrete pumping industry in the US in 2017.  Record rainfall in the Pacific Northwest, two hurricanes Harvey and Irma affecting construction activity in Texas, Florida and throughout the Southeast; contractors have been challenged to keep construction schedules and meet developer’s demands.  Labor shortages in most areas of the country have made it difficult to accelerate schedules when weather permits.  We continue to place significant emphasis on safety, operator and mechanic training, fleet management, fleet reliability, service offering and c

Spring is in the air

Good day all,

Spring is around the corner, the ground is getting thawed out and the season of mud and muck is a head of us.  Call on us with all of your muddy needs, we can reach your pour when conventional methods just won't cut it. With one of our 6 trailer pumps, 4 telebelts or 15 Boom pumps ranging in size from 45' of reach to 165' of reach.  Call us today and we'd be glad to help you out.  you won't be dissappointed !    

Don't Wait....

Summer schedules fill up fast in the construction world, Don't wait till last minute to call and set up a schedule with us,  we require 3 to 4 days heads up when looking to be ready,  However do not hesitate to call and check  for same day service as we often have changes in our schedule.  Mother nature, and many other variables can effect what we do on a day to day basis.   We will be glad to work with the best we can but please be understanding that it may not always work out. 


Spring is among is and jobsites are a soft, muddy mess.  We will soon be getting busy again thanks to mother nature !  Be sure when you need to schedule one of our pump truck that you allow plenty of notice.  3 to 4 days heads up is not unrealistic.

Cold Weather Concrete

The cold months are upon us,  Time to give ourselves a little more time and patience when it comes to the set up and clean up of the concrete pumps.  Everything just plain moves a litte slower, operators and finishers included ! Jobsite conditions tend to be a little trickier to navigate.   Don't hesitate to have us come out a little earlier than needed to be sure that we can get in and set up properly.  When the temperature really starts to drop keep in mind that our pumping units can't sit at idle and wait for a finish load to show up.  Down time needs to be kept at a minimum especially w

Reach for the stars !

What's White and Green and can reach 175' from one sitting?    Our new 57M Boom pump that will be in our fleet next week.  Check back to see some photos and specs !!

Keep your eyes open !

Check back often to see the new additions that will be coming to our fleet in the next few months,  We will be reaching new heights for sure with one of the units and making inside pours easier with another !  Don't want to give it away just yet but new equipment makes for happy operators !

Just around the corner

If you’re looking for Concrete Pumping in Cambridge, Ohio you have found the right company. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we strive to offer the best in service utilizing the most current equipment with a team of dedicated employees that will make your job easier. Some of the applications you could utilize our equipment but not limited to are;

Poured Walls



Core Fills




Bridge Decks


Garage Floors



Culvert pipes